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January 3, 2012
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Kung-Fu Panda : Legends of Awesomeness is a terrible show, just to warn you.

Although, from that show are some, obviously short lived, characters of note. One of which is Song, a Wu-Sister clone, among a band of dancing thieves called "The Ladies of the Shade" ... I suppose it's because of their parasols.

Anyways... Song, being opportunistic, is apart of the ladies of the shade to make money and see the world, however... Song is also optimistic and believes that a life of thieving and dishonesty shouldn't be the way her and her sisters should live. During the run of the episode, Song is pushed into spending the day with the Dragon Warrior in order to infiltrate the Jade Palace... and to use her skills to convince the Dragon Warrior into doing so.

Song's, apparent, talents are Dancing, Stealing and Seduction; However Po, being an idiot, isn't very receptive to anything that's not Kung-Fu or food, so Song's powers of seduction are completely useless against Po, and instead they begin to bond more in a form of friendship than mates or lovers... God knows if they were interested in it.

Song, and her friends make it into the Jade Palace, and are hastily discovered to be thieves by the Furious Five, but they manage to escape with Master Shifu's Dragon Chalice ( or..... I think that's what it was called, I only saw the episode once >.0; So correct me if I'm wrong ).

Feeling like an idiot, and being completely guilty of the same charge, Po follows Song back to her camp where the Ladies of the Shade have, for some reason, decided to set up shop even though it's only just outside the Valley of Peace or ... probably still within it actually.

Po, Viper and Crane manage to infiltrate the camp, by disguising Po as a woman, and the Masters as material objects. However, Po is eventually found out and a battle ensues... When Po and the Masters are about to lose the fight by the overwhelming number of Snow Leopardesses, Song steps in to aide her friend and together, she and Po manage to defeat Su, the leader of the Ladies of the Shade.

With Su defeated, and probably off the Chorh-Gom, Song takes over as the new leader of the Ladies of the Shade and travels away by parasol, but not before leaving a friendly, or possibly flirty, kiss on Po's cheek ... ( It was his cheek right? I forget if it was his lips or his face )

From that moment on, we haven't seen or heard of Song.

However I made an attempt to recreate her here. X3

I . . . forgot who suggested building Song >.0;;

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Thanks for viewing.
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kakushi35hentai Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
waaa to hot!!!!!
UnrealFox Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
I appreciate it. >.0; I needed to work on her though lol
kakushi35hentai Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
i'm new to making 3d art can you help me and i could help to :)
as a bonus for me to help you can you make a 3d pic of my character jakstun (jay-kast-on) he is only 7 foot 9 inches tall
with brown tan fur orange eyes black with red flame shaped hair
accent like Arnold Schwarzenegger and has a metal body made of synthetic titanium :horny: oh just describing about him turns me on!          
UnrealFox Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
By all means, send a note if you have the time. I'm willing to hear your description.
kakushi35hentai Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
cool i will do it as so as i can
trusted word by light (<-a good friendship is boned)
oh yaeh i am also making a star fox game and i was just looking at… this picture and wandering on it most of the krazoa all six would have looked like this on sta1  
UnrealFox Featured By Owner May 7, 2014
A StarFox Game? I always wanted to make one as well--but I believe I'd have too many ideas to ever make it into production. Additionally--I would make the game too hard to be enjoyable since well... I love difficult games.
kakushi35hentai Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
did you ever thought of doing the difficulty with what you do on the
game you know like you beat one part and than the next part get's

and then so on from there
UnrealFox Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Not really.

My game starts off Hard. Then gets harder. By the time you're approaching the end--the game borders along impossible.

Although, rewarding and fun if you're skilled. I like games that reward you for being intelligent and experienced, and having overwhelming but conquerable odds is normally an easy solution for that type of gameplay.

... Or at least, it is for me.
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Argos90 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Sorry if i ask, but, how do you make the fur textures? UV mapping? :)
UnrealFox Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
Sort of.

It's kind of just like painting, but having the UV of the model itself will help, so you know where to put stuff on your textures.

But UV Mapping would actually just be, creating the UV for your 3D geometry, as opposed to just coloring on it X3
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